Non-invasive Body Sculpting

The diet and exercise plateau is a thing of the past. Whether you’ve tried to shed those last few inches, or get your abs to really pop, there always seems to be a stubborn pocket of fat that’s exercise resistant. Or you just can’t physically do enough crunches or squats to see the results you want. If you are looking for peak physique, we have two great non-invasive body sculpting treatments.


For people who are not overweight, but have pinch-able fat around their waist, CoolSculpting is an ideal fat reduction treatment. Over a series of treatments, we can literally freeze away that stubborn, exercise resistant fat. Read more about CoolSculpting, how it works and if it’s right for you.


For people near their ideal weight and work out, but just aren’t seeing the results they’d like to see in their abdomen, EMsculpt builds muscle while reducing fat. EMsculpt can also be used for our Denver Butt Lift. You may have heard of the “Brazilian Butt Lift” where fat is injected into the buttocks. This can be dangerous, and for many of us a more extreme look. Emsculpt can tone the gluteal muscles and lift the tush for a more athletic look and what we like to call the “Denver Butt Lift.” Read more about EMsculpt, how it works and how you can enhance the results of other treatments.

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