Your Breasts

Breast surgery is highly personal, but in some respects it is also more public because our breasts are the most visible of our private parts. For some people the goal of breast surgery is about making a statement while for others it is about blending in. It may be about having something you have always desired, or about getting back what has been lost.

Breast size and shape fluctuate through time more than any other part of our body. Puberty, monthly cycles, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight changes, and menopause all impact the size and appearance of our breasts. When making decisions about surgery, these continual changes need to be considered.

Whether the goal is to be larger, smaller, higher, more symmetrical, or just more attractive, cosmetic breast surgery can be fabulously rewarding. Each patient’s goals are unique, and we will work with you to be sure your expectations are realistic and that goals are achieved without any major surprises. For years we have been using a 3-Dimensional photography system called VECTRA that can simulate a variety of procedures, implant sizes, and implant types on your body. This, as well as trying on sizers, really helps to fine tune our plan before surgery.

Because breasts also serve functional purposes you should be aware that surgery can result in a lessening of sensitivity to touch and the formation of scar tissue which can affect one’s ability to nurse infants.

Breasts can also develop cancer, and accurate surveillance is very important. All patients 35 and older should have a baseline mammogram within a year prior to surgery.

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