Broadband Light Treatments

Broad Band Light (BBL) is not a laser, but it uses intense pulses of light (IPL) that are filtered to target irregular pigmentation and redness, stimulate collagen, tighten skin, remove hair, and even treat acne with essentially no down time. It is important to avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatments, and be on a skin prep of Retin A and hydroquinone or a botanical pigment controller for the best results.

While your skin can look great in the short term with improved radiant skin tones, it is the long-term magic that is really phenomenal. A great study treated patients twice a year for 10 years. Close up photographs of their skin were taken at the beginning and end of the study, and professionals estimated the patient’s age based on these photos. At the beginning of the study the patient’s average age was 45 and the professionals thought they were about 47 years old. At the end of the study their average age was now 55, and the professionals guessed these patients were only 45 years old! That is amazing! Regular use of BBL can even change the genetic expression of your skin to act like younger skin and has been shown to slow the aging process. Thank you, science!

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