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As we age, we can all expect certain predictable changes in our face and neck. Genetics, environmental stresses, and weight fluctuations can all influence the rapidity and severity of these changes. The amount and distribution of fat as well as changes in skin laxity, texture, and color add to the overall effect. However, we don’t have to sit back and watch passively as these changes take effect. Like a tailor fitting the perfect dress, a plastic surgeon can make subtle changes to help your face appear more youthful, attractive, and rested.

In general, the classic signs of facial aging are due to skin changes, volume loss, and overall laxity. With early signs of aging, you may only need to address the most significant factor (for example using dermal fillers to treat volume loss). As the signs of aging become more pronounced, addressing additional components (such as treating laxity) may be necessary to achieve a noticeable improvement. Over use of volume to impact laxity, or over tightening without using volume can lead to an unusual or artificial appearance. The goal of facial rejuvenation is to use a balanced approach to achieve the most natural and attractive appearance, not to get rid of every sign of aging.