Fat Transfer

This is a fairly new technique for cosmetic breast augmentation and is best suited for patients who want only a small increase in breast size (less than one cup size), would like to avoid the use of an implant, and are also good candidates for liposuction. This surgery can also be combined with a mastopexy. Fat is harvest from one area (such as you’re your tummy or muffin top), and re-injected into the breasts to add volume. A portion of the fat will take permanently, and you may increase the amount of fat take by using a special breast suction device called a Brava in the weeks leading up to the procedure. The Brava device can be ordered online and the company provides excellent patient support. Fat transfer is also the type of procedure that can easily be repeated to add even more volume over time. While not for everyone, this can be a perfect solution for some patients.

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