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Halo Laser Rejuvenation

Because it can be difficult for people with busy schedules to figure out the downtime required for an ablative laser (which requires days of moist healing with Aquaphor), we have also added Sciton’s Halo. This is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, which allows for dry healing (you can apply makeup the next day), and significantly reduced downtime. Patients look like they have a bad sunburn for a couple of days, and then brown spots flake off in about a week. We can get beautiful results, but they are understandably less aggressive and deeper wrinkles will still require an ablative laser. If you want gorgeous and radiant skin, this is the ticket! A series of treatments throughout the year will definitely give you the best results.

With all skin treatments (aggressive peels, MLP, PFX, and Halo) you can improve your results by preparing your skin with regular use of Hydroquinone and Retin A prior, and gradually restarting afterward with conscientious use of sunscreen and sun protection. We also treat patients with an oral antiviral to help prevent cold sore outbreaks.

Halo Laser Rejuvenation: Taking the Next Steps

Especially with aesthetic treatments, seeing is believing. Please take some time to review our Halo Laser Rejuvenation before and afters gallery. It will help you set expectations, and may help you discover questions you have about the procedure. Some of the answers to your questions may be found in the vendor brochures and educational materials, available for download on this page. In the patient education section of our site, you’ll find an informative blog, videos and podcasts on this topic and many other aesthetic treatments.

If you are interested in Halo Laser Rejuvenation, the best way to affirm your candidacy is to consult with Dr. Folk in our Denver practice. Simply call our office, or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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