Broadstone on 9th
4300 E 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Heal Well Retreat

Whether you are coming from outside the Denver area or just want to recover with privacy and convenience, our Heal Well Retreat may be just the “Recovery Spa” experience you are seeking.

We have furnished and prepared a beautiful luxury apartment just one block from our office and Rose Hospital to help make your recovery as stress free and relaxing as possible. Reservations can be made through our office when scheduling your surgery, and the three-day minimum stay is recommended. This allows for you to arrive the day prior to your procedure, stock your fridge with comfort food from Trader Joe’s a few blocks away, and arrive to the hospital stress free the morning of your procedure by simply crossing the street. Your caretaker will appreciate the VIP parking, year-round pool, and wonderful fitness center just down the hall. If your four-legged loved one is essential to a smooth recovery let us know and we may be able to accommodate this as well.


• VIP Parking Space
• Split-King adjustable bed
• Automatic recliner
• Pull out sleeper couch
• WiFi and cable

• Year round outdoor pool, hot tub, and grill
• 24 Hour Fitness center
• Dyson humidifier
• Keurig coffee maker
• Assorted medical supplies