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When it comes to injectables, your choices have never been better! Volume loss and deeper lines with animation are commonly associated with facial aging, and treatment with a mere office injection allows for minimal downtime and subtle yet effective results. The artistry comes in by understanding what volume can and cannot correct, how much is required, and being sure the look is natural without the stigma of trying too hard. If you want big lips, you should find another practice. That’s not our style.

While Botox has become a household name, there are many other neuromodulators available to smooth wrinkles, adjust brow position, and improve facial symmetry. These treatments last approximately three to five months based on patient’s individual differences.

Hyaluronic dermal fillers (including Juvederm XC, Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, and Restylane Lift) offer the ability to achieve natural and effective volume replacement lasting from six months to up to two years. Sculptra is a slightly different product that stimulates collagen production and is perfect for areas like the temples and lateral cheeks. This product builds slowly over time, requires multiple injections, and can last for more than two years.

Remember, if we are going to be using a needle or cannula for your treatment, it is smart to be off blood thinners for one to two weeks and start Arnica Forte the day before the procedure. Studies support Retin A use to stimulate even more collagen following your injection, so be sure to be on a good regimen of good skin care for the best results.

Injectables: Taking the Next Steps

Especially with aesthetic treatments, seeing is believing. On this page we showcase some before and afters, but we have many more in our gallery. Please take some time to review our injectables before and afters. It will help you set expectations, and may help you discover questions you have about the procedure. Some of the answers to your questions may be found in the vendor brochures and educational materials, available for download on this page. In the patient education section of our site, you’ll find an informative blog, videos and podcasts on this topic and many other aesthetic treatments.

If you are interested in injectables, the best way to affirm your candidacy is to consult with Dr. Folk in our Denver practice. Simply call our office, or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 1 - Before and After
BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 2 - Before and After
BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 3 - Before and After
BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 4 - Before and After

See our gallery for more Botox Cosmetic before and after images.