Hello Daxxi

We are always interested in discovering new, effective treatments, and this one is a game changer. Meet Daxxify, the innovative alternative to Botox that’s been making waves in the world of aesthetics!

A New Era of Neuromodulators

Daxxify, affectionately known as “Daxxi” in the beauty community, has recently gained FDA approval as the latest neuromodulator for wrinkle treatment. This marks an exciting shift in the landscape, giving you more options to explore for your skincare needs. With five FDA-approved neuromodulators available, Daxxify brings a fresh approach to the table.

The Daxxify Difference: Formulated for Longevity

Many, many drugs contain ingredients found in the human body and just as many use animal proteins. Daxxify does not. Daxxify’s innovation is in its formulation. Because it does not contain human- or animal-based proteins, the molecule adheres to the receptors in the muscle, allowing it to stay tightly bound and offer lasting results. While most neurotoxins last an average of three-to-four months, Daxxify boasts an average duration of six months or longer, thanks to its unique formulation. This newfound longevity makes Daxxify a preferred choice for many.

Daxxify vs. Botox: Personalized Beauty

Botox has been a known quantity for decades and offers dependable results. Daxxify is new, however the clinical data looks very good, and the results in the wider market have been predictable and consistent.

While some might look at it through hard number comparisons (Botox costs less per unit, Daxxify lasts longer), we should really look at Daxxify as an exciting new tool we can use to tailor your treatments. With six month and three month durations, we can artfully use both products to create a look that appears natural and beautiful, but also accomplishes the goals of neuromodulator therapies: stopping muscle activity that causes skin wrinkling.

Daxxify Treatments Now in Denver

We are very pleased to say we are among the first in Denver to offer Daxxify to our patients. If you are a current Botox patient, and dissatisfied with the duration of the effect, let’s try Daxxify. If you’ve been considering a treatment for lines between the brows, let’s talk and discuss your options. Request a consultation with our online form, or call (303) 321-6608.