Caring and competent, meet Dr. Stacey Folk

Meet the Staff

Dr. Folk could not be more proud of her staff. Their level of skill, compassion, common sense, and dedication is unparalleled in this field. As a group we constantly strive to provide exceptional care so that your experience can be as smooth as possible.

Stephanie Patient Coordinator/Aesthetician

Patient Coordinator/Aesthetician

Stephanie began “training” Dr. Folk in 1997 and has her schedule running with amazing efficiency. As a surgical coordinator, she works tirelessly helping patients so that their experience is impeccable. Stephanie is also a licensed aesthetician and helps patients with their skin care needs, education, treatments, and support. She is an avid cook (her rum cake is Dr. Folk’s kryptonite), loves to exercise, and has raised two wonderful children. She is also unique in that she does not have a mean bone in her body. We know. We did X-rays.

Heather Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Heather received her BSN from the University of Iowa in 1986, and spent the next 14 years doing really simple things, like being the clinical coordinator for the Cardiothoracic Surgery Division at C.U. Dr. Folk hired her in 2000 and considers working with Heather as a match made in heaven. Her clinical judgment is exceptional, and she has become the in office laser guru. Heather sets the bar for patient care and also provides the full spectrum of aesthetic procedures.

Valerie Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Val received her nursing degree at Cayuga College, New York in 2004, and is currently furthering her education at Regis University in Denver. She began working with Dr. Folk in the operating room at Rose Hospital in 2006, where she quickly became the Plastic Surgery team leader. In 2014 we essentially stole Val from the hospital because of her tremendous untapped potential and couldn’t be happier! She now provides full time patient care, and has become amazingly adept at performing many aesthetic treatments and procedures.

Brittany Scrub Technician, CNS

Scrub Technician, CNS

Brittany first started working with Dr. Folk in the Operating Room at Rose Medical Center where she was Rose’s Plastic Surgery Coordinator as her go-to scrub Technician. The two were part of an efficient team for years of surgeries, until she realized her talents would be an even greater asset in her office. Now Brittany not only assists in her in-office surgical procedures, but also with her new patient consults, post-op care, and aesthetic procedures. In fact, somehow she has her eye on everyone in the office and jumps in to help with anything (before we even know that we need help!). She is a wonderful and creative mom to her active young son, and can’t get enough of his dancing, singing, conversation, casting fishing lines, and climbing new heights together.

Jill Certified Physician Assistant

Certified Physician Assistant

Jill first rotated through our office as a student, and formally joined the practice in 2008 after graduating from the Red Rock’s Physician Assistant Program in Colorado. While she spends most of her time assisting Dr. Bateman (Dr. Folk’s partner), she also loves to do aesthetic procedures and has had extensive training with Dr. Folk. Jill has that special gift of always making things look easy (including her pregnancies) and provides wonderful care. You can almost hear the gears cranking through that fabulous hair any time she tackles a problem.

Virg Surgical Assistant

Surgical Assistant

Virg is a fully trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who emigrated from Lithuania to the United States in 1999. Rather than repeating his residency he continued his work in Plastic Surgery as the world’s most overqualified Surgical Assistant. He has been assisting Dr. Folk since 2005, and is adored and valued by everyone. He and his extremely over-achieving family humbles us all.

Viviana Front Desk Coordinator

Front Desk Coordinator

Viviana was born and raised in Torreon, Coach, Mexico. At the age of 12 she moved to Colorado with her family and as challenging as it was, she became fluent in English within a year. She knew if she could conquer the language barrier, then nothing could get in her way! We think it’s wonderful to have such a kind soul and lovely person as the first representation of our office when you walk through our doors – you will quickly recognize how passionate she is about helping others. In her free time, she loves to camp with her husband and two boys, and sets an example of dedication to fitness and health with at least three challenging Crossfit workouts per week.

Carrie Patient Coordinator, Billing Specialist

Patient Coordinator, Billing Specialist

Carrie has been working with Dr. Folk since 2002, and is the go-to person for insurance and billing questions. She is a certified coder, member of the AAPC, and helps patients navigate their way when dealing with insurance companies. She is also Dr. Folk’s sister, which makes for some pretty humorous stories and blurring of professional boundaries.