Need a quick fix? These procedures are essentially milder forms of collagen stimulation and exfoliation. Microneedling creates small needle pokes into numb skin and is similar to a very mild fractional and Halo treatments. The procedure is easily tolerated and you should be back in make-up the next day. These treatments are also performed in a series and are better for those who really can’t afford any down time. Think about combining these with Broad Band Light treatments for a comprehensive skin care treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a little “old school”, but a great way of getting your skin in shape for an upcoming event, or just to look great in general. This is particularly good for patients who don’t like using more aggressive skin care products because of sensitivity, or just for those who like to avoid chemicals, preferring a more natural approach to good skin care. It can also speed up the less attractive phases of peeling when starting a new skin care regime.

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