Scar Revision

While “beauty marks” can be fabulous finishing touches on your pretty face, some moles may be sitting in an unattractive position, grow hair, or are just downright ugly. Changing skin lesions may even contain skin cancer. Previous scars from acne, surgery, or trauma can also potentially improve with a surgical revision. Repair of torn earlobes or gauged earlobes are also common problems treated like a scar revision.

Most of these procedures can be performed under local (with just numbing medicine shots in the office) and are best performed prior to any planned laser improvements to the skin. Sometimes, a surgical scar revision won’t add a significant improvement and laser treatments alone may be our preferred course for improvement. All skin lesions removed are sent for a pathologic examination to be sure there is no cancer, if there is, and it had been completely removed. Dr. Folk does not accept insurance for skin lesion removal or scar revisions.

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