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Spider Vein Treatment

Patches of unattractive blood vessels on the legs are common, especially after pregnancy or with age. Injections can be performed which cause irritation and scarring within the vessel so that they become less visible once healed. These veins are kind of like weeds in your garden, and you will likely continue to develop more as the years go by. If you have larger ropey veins that bother you, it is best to see a vascular surgeon or vein specialist for a more comprehensive evaluation and possible surgical procedure.

Your legs sure won’t look great following spider vein injections, so while we start thinking about doing this in the summer, you might prefer having the injections done in the cooler months when compression hose (recommended for a few weeks following the procedure) can be worn. It is also important to be off blood thinners and start Arnica Forte to speed your recovery. Resolution of approximately half of the vessels with each treatment is a reasonable expectation.

If the vessels are on your face, Broad Band Light (BBL) is the first line of treatment. This is especially effective for those with rosacea and even patchy redness on the neck. Some larger vessels may be more resistant to BBL and could require injections similar to those performed in the legs. This is not recommended for vessels around the eyelids.

Spider Vein Treatment: Taking the Next Steps

If you have questions, some of the answers may be found in the vendor brochures and educational materials, available for download on this page. In the patient education section of our site, you’ll find an informative blog, videos and podcasts on this topic and many other aesthetic treatments.

If you are interested in spider vein treatment, the best way to affirm your candidacy is to consult with Dr. Folk in our Denver practice. Simply call our office, or submit a contact form to request a consultation.