Rejuvenatiing a neglected neck

We all know that taking good care of our skin is essential to maintaining a youthful image. Most people are consistent about using good products on their faces, but unfortunately, neglect their neck and chest.

Skin on the neck and chest tends to be thinner, more fragile and prone to show signs of aging: wrinkles, textural changes, laxity and sun damage. Unless you plan on wearing a turtleneck or scarf every day, this area of your body is visible to everyone you meet.

Treating you neck and chest with the same products as you do your face will improve your skin: Retin-a, growth factors, Vitamin C, peptides and sunscreen.

When selecting options for neck and chest rejuvenation, it is important to understand that this area requires a gentler approach. Skin here lacks the ability to heal as robustly as facial skin. Performing less aggressive procedures, more frequently will yield the best results with less downtime and less risk.

Now is the perfect time to clean up, rejuvenate and improve you skin before the busy holiday season!

This month we are highlighting a simple, safe and extremely effective procedure: Intracel-RF

Intracel RF is Fractional Radio Frequency with micro needling. It is a controlled wounding of the skin that is excellent in the treatment of aging skin and fine lines. It delivers heat via radio frequency to selected depths in the skin but causes minimal damage to the skin surface. This stimulates collagen production, and tightens skin with minimal downtime. No shots, no medications, just a comfortable, simple procedure.

Following your procedure, using products that will continue to improve and tighten you skin will maximize your results. We recommend using Revision Nectifirm. This product is a unique combination of peptides, plant extracts and antioxidants that will help firm, hydrate and improve the texture of you skin.

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