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Healthy and well-cared-for skin looks radiant and beautiful. As skin ages there are predictable changes that occur, and your genetics and lifestyle will influence their speed and severity. The medical and technological advancements available today allow for an array of effective options that can be individually tailored to treat your specific needs more effectively than ever before. A daily skin care regimen can protect you from ongoing damage, provide nourishment to repair vital structures, treat problems such as outbreaks and discoloration, and stimulate collagen growth.

Exfoliating or removing the outermost layers of your skin also gives a healthier and smoother appearance. This can be achieved chemically with skin care products and chemical peels, or physically with Clarisonic® cleansing and microdermabrasion. More aggressive forms of exfoliation can be performed with a laser, and this can also be used to improve deeper texture issues, stimulate collagen growth, and even tighten skin. Light treatments can even out pigment issues and has remarkable long term anti-aging effects.

Softening wrinkles with animation and replacing lost volume are also very powerful tools in creating a softer and more youthful appearance. Every year we seem to have even more fabulous products that provide natural and longer lasting results. When used artistically and tastefully, injectables are worth their weight in gold.