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Your Body

Body types are as different as apples and oranges (or apples and pears) due to gender, genetics, and lifestyle choices. While you can actively influence some of these factors, many are beyond your control. For example, pregnancy and dramatic weight fluctuations can leave changes that won’t respond to diet and exercise alone. In some cases, plastic surgery may be the answer to creating a more appealing and balanced physique. Plastic surgery does not help you lose weight, but a capable surgeon can remove excess tissue, tighten loose areas, and ultimately influence where you gain weight in the future.

Options for body contouring range from non-invasive fat removal with no downtime (Zeltiq’s CoolSculpt™) to the most comprehensive Body Lift procedures that remove tissue circumferentially from the torso. We base decisions on your history of weight fluctuations, skin quality, fat distribution, muscle laxity, medical risk, and commitment to making healthy choices in the future to maintain results.

Because there may be many options available, a consultation including a physical exam is essential prior to making appropriate recommendations. Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons are professionally trained to perform the full spectrum of body contouring that is available. We have the experience and expertise to help you choose the procedures that are most appropriate for you.

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