Stacey Folk Photo 5280 Magazine's Faces of Denver & Boulder

Dr. Stacey Folk has long been one of Denver’s most highly regarded board-certified plastic surgeons. She has been voted one of 5280’s Top Docs for 13 years and has also received national recognition for her outstanding work in aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. While all surgeons develop a reputation and niche, Dr. Folk’s has been one of a less heavy-handed approach that appeals to patients preferring a more natural appearance. She has found that patients often seek her out because word on the street is that she won’t push you to go too large on your breast augmentation and your facelift won’t look obvious.

Now in her 50’s herself, the fight against aging has become more personal with an even greater understanding of the work it takes to stay fit and look good. Options for less invasive procedures have grown to accommodate those with shorter downtime, less need, or simple upkeep. When her husband asked if she was purchasing devices merely for her own use she was a bit shocked…of course patients can use them too!

The upside of being one of Denver’s Top Docs? Dr. Folk is in high demand. The downside? Patients may need to be understanding when waiting for their consultation. It is worth the wait and thankfully she has a wonderful staff who can give you a sneak peak to help get you started on your journey.