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Patient Education

Whether you are just beginning to research your options or preparing for your upcoming surgery, this is the page for you. We strive to provide educational material in as many formats as possible and with varying levels of detail so you can be as prepared as possible from your first consult through your entire recovery process. You can see what happens during a procedure using 3-D animation, watch a general presentation regarding the procedure you are considering, gain access to all printed teaching material we offer, and even listen to podcasts that are very individualized and helpful.

Learn by watching educational videos from Dr. Folk

In this series of lectures and videos, Dr. Folk explains and offers her opinions on aesthetic treatments and procedures.

View a 3D animation of your surgery

These 3-D animations are great for visual learners who want an idea of how procedures are actually performed. While Dr. Folk’s individual technique may vary from those provided, the animations are very useful in understanding the surgical procedure.

Listen to podcasts from Dr. Folk

Learn directly from Dr. Folk’s podcasts –it’s almost like having your own personal appointment. Why not walk the dog, fold laundry, or just lie down and rest while learning a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time?

Read Instruction and consent forms

All the instructions for your procedure and helpful information can be found here. We encourage you to review these documents as early and as often as possible so you are completely prepared and have no unexpected surprises.