Embrace® Scar Therapy Large


Embrace® is intended for use in the management of closed hyperproliferative (hypertrophic and keloid) scars.

Price is $26.50 per strip

  • Embrace® scar defense is the most effective way to treat new scars
  • 92% of patients and physicians rated embrace treated scars as better vs. leaving untreated
  • Treats the root cause of scarring– actively mending skin by relieving tension
  • Embrace® technology relieves tension around scar site allowing for stress-free healing
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Embrace® Scar Defense is the only scar prevention therapy designed to relieve the tension that causes scarring and stop scars before they start. It’s the only scar treatment of its kind that is clinically proven effective to significantly reduce the appearance of scars.



Embrace® Scar Therapy – the first scar management product of its kind. Diminish thick, visible, raised scars and embrace a unique system for simply scar-less skin.