PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Platelet-Rich Plasma is obtained from a precise blood draw that is then processed to remove red blood cells, leaving only platelet-rich plasma protein and platelet-derived growth factors. Growth factors stimulate cellular growth, healing, and collagen formation.

How is PRP used?

PRP can be injected to aid healing and remodel skin, applied topically into “micro wounds” from treatments like micro-needling, Intracel, and laser for quick healing and stimulation of collagen, and even injected into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. It can also be used in the operating room to promote healing at the surgical site and improve scarring.

While we have long been fans of growth factors (Omni Core Recovery complex added to speed healing), we now offer PRP to take your treatment to the next level!

How is PRP made?

A specific volume of blood is drawn, mixed with an anticoagulant, and then processed with a specialized centrifuge that spins and separates out the red blood cells from the platelets and growth factors. Because we use your own blood for your own treatment, PRP is occasionally called Autologous PRP.