Find post-menopausal sex uncomfortable? We can help.

Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia: these are the symptoms everyone talks about when menopause is discussed. They are the quick, easy jokes, the catchall for huge changes the body undergoes, and almost no one ever talks about the effect menopause has on sex: it can become painful. If you have or are experiencing menopause, then you know, but did you know that there is an effective treatment for the underlying factors that lead to painful, post-menopausal sex?

The problem is that as estrogen levels decrease, the processes that were regulated by that hormone stop. That means drier vaginal tissue, thinner lining, and weaker muscles – none of that is good for enjoyable sex. If the hormones aren’t there to keep basic health processes going, we need a way to jump start that cellular activity. THERMIva® is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes your body’s natural ability to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate.

How THERMIva works

THERMIva uses radio frequency energy to gently warm vaginal tissue during treatment. The THERMIva wand is about a thick as a finger, and contains a temperature-regulating sensor to ensure safety. The directed RF energy stimulates collagen production and triggers the body’s healing response, which prompts cell turnover and repair. As the body “heals,” vaginal tissue regains some of it’s youthful tone and elasticity, and natural lubrication returns.

Most patients receive three 45-minute treatments once a month for three months, then a maintenance treatment once a year. Some patients obtain their desired results after one or two treatments. There is no downtime after treatment, and you can return to regular activities. You can even have sex that night.

THERMIva also treats other symptoms

Accidentally peeing when coughing or laughing is disheartening and embarrassing, and treatable with THERMIva. As treatments progress, and the tissue becomes healthier, the muscles and muscle control become stronger. And as dryness resolves, burning/irritation and UTIs also decrease.

Love feels wonderful, sex should too

Just because hormones change, doesn’t mean desire does. Call or contact us through our form, we can help. Schedule your THERMIva appointment today.

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