What will your resolutions be for 2019?

Focusing on healthy habits can mean the difference between an average and an AWESOME year ahead. Simply choosing to make a healthy habit as a New Year’s Resolution is easy, it is the sticking to them that’s hard part. We’d like to help with that.

We believe that developing a group of people who also want to better themselves can make it easier to keep to your resolutions. You’d have people to talk with about your plans, people who can offer support and advice. Please join us on Facebook as we share our resolutions and help each other make 2019 the best year we can.

To start us off, Dr. Folk has created a list of five resolutions for herself and for others to adopt and adapt.

1) Get stronger

This could be emotionally, physically, or intellectually. Whether it’s your core beliefs or your core strength we all have the potential for amazing power.

2) Develop a good relationship with your body

Every January the gyms fill up and everyone starts their new (and unsustainable) diet plans. What if this year we try harder to appreciate the imperfect bodies we have? Treat your body with the respect it deserves and instead of focusing on how to deprive yourself, think of ways you can nourish your body with healthy fuel, rest, and enjoyable activity. If you look better at the end of it that’s wonderful, but being accepting and happy should be just as important.

3) Be compliant with your skin care regime

Who doesn’t want their skin to look its best? Transforming your skin takes time and using a medically based skin care program that includes a retinoid is a great start. It is a lot like starting your 401(k). It’s kind of a pain to get started, it may take a while before you start noticing an improvement (and things often get a little worse before they get better), and then down the line you are rewarded with more radiant and youthful skin. Never scrimp on sun protection treat your skin with the building blocks it needs to look its very best.

4) Be more compassionate

Does anyone else feel like there’s a lot of negative energy out there lately? It just feels like the world could use a little more compassion and kindness. New Year’s resolutions traditionally focus on how we need to change ourselves. How about taking some of your beautiful energy and releasing it into the world with random acts of kindness.

5) Teach someone something new

You have so much to offer in this world. Whether you have just learned something cutting edge, or if you are a seasoned professional who has been around the block a few times, share your wisdom. You might just make some else’s life a little easier, relationship better, or create a lasting memory.

Do You Have Resolutions Already? Share Them!

We’d love to know what you are resolving to do in the New Year. Stop by our Facebook page and let all of us know what you are planning, or if you’d like advice.