Happy New Ears: Make a resolution to love your lobes

I know this may sound a little silly, but I have learned another way of looking younger from my patients. Move over “Cougar Paws,” (old looking hands, young looking face) now it is ear lobes. If you’ve never noticed your earlobes, they are most likely perfectly fine. If they’re too stretched out, long, or large, or if you have the opposite problem of them looking too deflated and wimpy, this disproportion may be adding a subtle sign of aging that can be easily remedied.

Earlobe reduction typically involves removing a pie shaped wedge along the longest axis of the lobe and closing it with a line scar. The previous piercing is typically removed as well, and a new location is chosen after you are completely healed. This procedure is easily performed with just numbing medicine in the office and the sutures are removed about 5 days later.

Earlobe augmentation is even easier. A soft hyaluronic filler is injected with a tiny needle plumping up that deflated lobe which even creates a prettier platform for your ear baubles. This appointment only takes 15 minutes, and results can last up to a year or more depending on the filler used.

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Happy New Year, and keep fighting the good fight of feeling and looking your very best!

earlobe repair examples