Woamn touching her neck

I have learned a couple of lessons over the years by sitting across from patients interested in facial rejuvenation. A very important one is that our neck skin typically endures a lifetime of neglect. Somehow all of our fancy lotions and potions, and even sunscreen tend to stop at the jawline. This is a big mistake in the long run, and you are never too young to start treating your neck with the TLC it deserves.

Our poor neck skin starts off with a disadvantage because it is very thin and lacks hair follicles and sebaceous glands that are abundant on our face. It also endures a lifetime of stretching in just about every direction.

For starters, please bring your sun protection into your neck and décolletage (upper chest). If you have ever met me, I probably pushed retinoids like a drug cartel on a mission, but for a very good reason. Please bring this powerful anti-aging product all the way down to your neck and chest. You will find that the skin is more sensitive and you may not be able to tolerate daily use or as strong a product as you can use on your face, but keep it up as tolerated and try to get to daily use over time.

Because the skin on your neck is so unique, the products required to provide maximal benefit also need to be specialized, and that is where Nectifirm comes in. This has been the number one neck product on the market, using a special blend of peptides, Baker’s yeast, algae, ceramides, Bamboo, English Pea extract, glucosamine, Wax Myrtle Shrub, and antioxidants to firm and lift your neck skin. You can even use this on the crepey skin on your arms, knees, and tummy as these areas share similar characteristics.

We couldn’t imagine Nectifirm getting better, but now it has! Nectifirm Advanced has just been released, and it provides distinctly different technology for more advanced signs of aging. Can you believe the microscopic organisms on your skin can be manipulated to work in your favor? This is real cutting edge stuff, and after using this product for just a few weeks I really think they are on to something here! I am impressed.

Although treatments like Broad Band Light and Laser are additional ways of rejuvenating your neck skin, these need to be done very gently and in a series. CoolSculpting and Kybella can target the underlying fat, and ThermiTight can deliver energy below the skin to help with tightening. Then when the time is right, nothing compares to a neck and facelift. Good skin just makes these surgical procedures far more effective.