Why I Started Wearing Sunscreen Daily, and Why You Should too

Protect Your Skin

In Colorado there is no excuse for taking a season off when it comes to sun protection. The flowers are blooming and our days are longer so it seems an opportune time to again drive the point home: it is crucial to use sun protection daily!

Sunscreens work by absorbing, reflecting, or scattering the sun’s rays. They are labeled with an SPF or sun protection factor and it’s important to know that this only holds true for up to two hours, and then it needs to be re-applied to keep that level of protection. We encourage a broad spectrum formula and SPF of 30 or greater.

I was a little lax about using sunscreen until I was basically bribed by the other goodies that are available in today’s products. I started using Journee by Neocutis because I wanted the growth factors in the product. Now six years later it is my go to almost every day. I apply it prior to putting on my makeup. I would no sooner leave the house without sun protection then I would clothes at this point.

Just a rundown on some of the fabulous products we have available in our online skincare store:

Journee Riche – This is our top shelf of Day Creams filled with excellent hydration, moisturizers, and PSP which are fetal growth factors to stimulate more collagen.

Intellishade – This tinted moisturizer comes in both original and matte finishes to even your complexion while providing anti-aging goodies.

Extreme Protect – Super hydrating and contains Extremozyme technology that reverses sun damage so it heals while it protects.

Even up – Make up that covers brown, SPF 50, and a skin brightener all in one!

All Calm – If your skin has more reds due to rosacea, vessels, or healing from a laser this is a great cover-up make up, SPF 50, and anti-inflammatory.

Sunforgettable – This brush on powder makes re-applying sun protection a breeze during the day if you are heading out back doors and don’t want to rub in a cream and ruin your make-up or also want to reduce shine.

Elta MD – Range of excellent products at a lower price point for every skin type.

The Elta MD line of sun screen products suit my hubby and son just fine, but I spring for the premium stuff, like Journee, for myself.

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