Introducing EMsculpt

Who isn’t eager to find the easy way out? I certainly am. I have always been seduced by promises of rapid results that sound too good to be true. I think this time, my dream has come true.

I attended a presentation on EMsculpt as a favor to the sales rep as I had no intention of adding any more devices. Our office was getting tight on space, and if you saw the price, your head would spin.

I listened to the presentation, tried it myself, and thought “OMG, I can’t live without this!” After spending months on the wait list, my machine just arrived!

EMsculpt uses highly focused electromagnetic waves delivered from paddles placed on your tummy or butt cheeks. The muscles are stimulated to contract at a speed and intensity you could never come close to on your own. On the tummy, the muscle cells are quickly depleted of energy and release hormones that act on the surrounding fat cells. The muscles hypertrophy and grow, and the fat layer thins because a build up of free fatty acids in the cells. When treating your derriere, the cycles are designed to add muscle without fat loss so you tone and lift.

Several studies have been performed and measurements have been done using ultrasound, MRI, and digital photography. Patients had four 30 minute cycles done on the abdomen within 2 weeks time, and quite consistent findings have shown an increase in muscle mass of about 16%, fat layer decrease of 19%, and loss of more than 1.7 inches of waist circumference. Results looked even better at 6 months with muscle mass increasing to 18%, and fat loss of 28%. 96% of patients report being satisfied with their treatment.

Results on the buttock lifting were determined using digital photography and patient satisfaction scores. The results were a little less impressive with 85% seeing a significant improvement.

Right now, the initial data supports 4 treatments as being effective, and even improving at 6 months on the tummy. Are even more treatments better? We do know that results start to plateau, so it may not be worth the additional cost, but stay tuned as this continues to be figured out.

Who are NOT good candidates?

  • If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or cochlear implant it is an absolute contraindication.
  • Metal implantable devices in or near the treatment site are also a contraindication (like joint replacements, plates and screws, metal IUDs, Essure, and surgical staples).
  • Hernias or previous repairs could be affected by the treatment. It is best to wait 3-6 months from any surgery in the vicinity.
  • Noninvasive technologies produce small changes, so if you are overweight or obese, save your money. BMIs over 26 might want to research other ways to reach their goals.

Who are good candidates?

  • If you can already see your 6 pack, take it to the next level!
  • If you work out, but just aren’t seeing the results in the belly, this can crank your core.
  • Out with an injury? Don’t lose, but even improve on all of your hard work.
  • Physical limitations keep you from exercising the way you need to? This doesn’t hurt or strain your back or joints. I think our more “mature” candidates are going to love this as much as elite athletes, if not more.
  • New baby and no time for yourself? Get your body back faster. Has it been a few years? It’s not too late.
  • CoolSculpting and liposuction results can now be taken to the next level!

I just can’t wait to see where we go from here, because the starting point is pretty amazing!

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